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CLeansing Routine with Dermalogica

Get a skin care routine that delivers healthy-looking, radiant skin—for real.


Facial Treatments

Our modern lotions and creams rebalance your skin’s natural pH level and relieve your face of oil and blemishes, while our traditional techniques unclog pores and relieve dry and itchy skin, lifting and firming the face and unlocking the young, natural beauty within you.

Body Slimming

Our Body Slimming program targets and breaks down localized fats while eliminating excess water to take inches off your body, leaving you with the tighter, slimmer frame that you desire. Your skin is refined and rehydrated as we tone your body with our therapeutic firming techniques.

Body Relaxing

Our caretakers cater to your body’s unique needs, learning its intricate details to relax and loosen your muscles and promote better movement and muscular cooperation, lessening stress on joints and improving muscle function.

Breast Care,
body scrub & body wrap

Our Breast Care will leave your body looking and feeling younger, perkier, and healthier. Allow us to scrub away the toxins to give you glowing, beautiful skin that makes your body feel soft and brand new. Our Body wrap detoxifies and eliminates excess water for a slimmer silhouette and smoother skin.

Hair Removal

We take the utmost care to treat your body gently and discreetly, smoothing your skin and ensuring the most possible comfort. Experience a new level of smooth and sexy.

We Make you feel gorgeous & beautiful

At AC Beauty Lane, we focus on tried and true methods to accommodate your better wellbeing. Our focused massages ensure a pleasurable visit while relieving your body of the aches of everyday life, and our lotions, scrubs, and wraps eliminate aging toxins and leave your body with younger, firmer, healthier skin. Allow us to unlock your inner beauty.

Special Packages

Lifting and firming of various parts of faces so you look younger!

Revitalizing skin’s structure and skin’s metabolism

Shrink Pores
Reduce Wrinkles
Remove Stretch Marks
Slacken Skin
Uneven Skin Tone

The New Era of Wellness & Beauty “Activates Cells, Restore Vitality”

Promote metabolism
Promote blood and lymph circulation
Body lifting effectiveness
Internal clinic
Control of the back
Control of chest

Releases trapped gases, blockages and waste products from abdominal area
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