Body Slimming


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Beauty Result 美容功效

Treatment of Cold

Blood Circulation


Burns Body Fat

Activate Cells

Enhances Self-Healing

Eliminate Stress

Refines Skin

Stops Joint Pain


Radio Frequency Therapy

Therma-G Plus Body Reshaping 

The high-frequency energy that has been converted into the biothermal energy increases the tissue temperature and helps the expansion of the cells of the tissues, promote activation of the cellulation and improvement effectiveness of Lymph Drainage.

Effectiveness of Radio Frequency System

  • Promote metabolism – Through activation of metabolism by the deep heat, energizing of the fat can be accelerated.
  • Promote blood and lymph circulation – fat, waste and toxic materials
  • Body lifting effectiveness – increase elasticity of fibre tissue
  • Internal clinic – warming action in the internal organs help to remove constipation
  • Control of the back – mitigation of muscle contraction and stresses
  • Control of chest – restore chest elasticity and chest up effectively.
Radio Frequency Machine